Submitting to Social Networks (results)

July 24, 2009

This is a follow up to my post here. Basically I’ve been fooling around with Google Analytics and wanted to post some numbers.

These are the referral numbers I got after submitting links to this blog on three social network sites:

site referrals pages/visit avg time here
Facebook 14 3.64 3’58"
Twitter 2 2.5 2’09"
Digg 2 1 0’0"

So not only did Facebook provide the most referrals but the highest quality referrals as well. People coming to the site from Digg apparently left immediately. Surprisingly enough a couple people from Twitter found the blog and actually stuck around. And one of them was from Germany.

I’ll probably post more GA numbers here soon since I’m spending a lot of time looking at them…

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