Submitting To Social Networks

July 23, 2009

As a bit of an experiment I just submitted my post about Android and Google Voice to Digg ( under Technology → Gadgets. I also just put out my first Facebook status update ever, announcing this blog and providing a link. And just for fun I sent out my first tweet ever about the Google Voice post as well (well second tweet, technically, if you count my original tweet when I signed up).

I expect Facebook to win in terms of driving traffic here. I’m not exactly sure but I think the people who will actually get my status update on Facebook are people in my network of friends. Those people presumably care more about what I have to say than people perusing the gadget category on Digg. And I only have nine followers on Twitter, almost all of which are spammers I think. I know one is @icanhascheezburger, i.e. the lolcats twitter spambot (see this for an explanation of lolcats). They started to follow me after I started following them when I first signed up.

Anyway if Facebook doesn’t win I’ll be shocked. I’ll be back with numbers and results late late tonight or tomorrow morning.

update: results are here.

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